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Deserving Responsibility

Bowing image courtesy of Adoseofeverything.com

When we think of all that we have in life, most of us believe that we are completely deserving. We believe that because we were responsible, because we invested the time and money, we are the masters of our possessions. And when we are children, we do not consciously think, “Oh, I slept well last night, and ate all my dinner so I deserve a hug and French Toast from Mom today.” We just expect it. As adults, we blindly do the same thing with cars, houses, jobs and all of our property. But, it is exactly this type of attitude which will help us falter in believing this facade. For one day we will understand that everything in this world is borrowed.

In our missions for material acquisition, it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important. As humans, our responsible actions are better invested into the small but indispensable. Good food, and  fortified relations with family. Clean air to breathe and water to drink are amongst the simple yet essential, for without them we would all be in peril despite all our possessions.

It is important to be humbled by the not just the luxurious, but the little things we have in life–to not dismiss them as deserved. Our ability to walk, speak, feel, cook, read, write and plant flowers are not birth rights, but rather human responsibilities. To be deserving of the simple things is by having reverence for responsibility to that which is so easily taken for granted.


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