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Relationship Progress

‘Relationship Progress’ photo by Bernadette Ignacio

When there is progress, there is peace of mind.

To bring harmony to One’s thoughts and actions, there must be a progressive track on which One can lead themselves. Thus, it is important to build a relationship with the concept of progress in One’s own efforts.  (more…)

Deserving Responsibility

Bowing image courtesy of Adoseofeverything.com

When we think of all that we have in life, most of us believe that we are completely deserving. We believe that because we were responsible, because we invested the time and money, we are the masters of our possessions. And when we are children, we do not consciously think, “Oh, I slept well last night, and ate all my dinner so I deserve a hug and French Toast from Mom today.” We just expect it. As adults, we blindly do the same thing with cars, houses, jobs and all of our property. But, it is exactly this type of attitude which will help us falter in believing this facade. For one day we will understand that everything in this world is borrowed.


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