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Travel Responsibilty

With experience comes the great responsibility of sharing the wealth One has sought out, intentionally or not, along One’s journey. Travel is treasure gained. The lessons learned far from home are each a gem of wisdom to impart with others when travel paths cross. A conversation shared between travelers feels as crucial as knowing the currency exchange, concierge, or nearest toilet and market.

It is an ever-deepening understanding that those who traverse great distance between where their full-grown feet stand, and where their infant feet fumbled, hold a responsibility to inspire and inform. Wether or not One exercises this responsibility will determine where the road in life will take them.

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Deserving Responsibility

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When we think of all that we have in life, most of us believe that we are completely deserving. We believe that because we were responsible, because we invested the time and money, we are the masters of our possessions. And when we are children, we do not consciously think, “Oh, I slept well last night, and ate all my dinner so I deserve a hug and French Toast from Mom today.” We just expect it. As adults, we blindly do the same thing with cars, houses, jobs and all of our property. But, it is exactly this type of attitude which will help us falter in believing this facade. For one day we will understand that everything in this world is borrowed.


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