WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Energy Purity

A common complaint amongst people today is that they “just don’t have the energy”. One who says this, speaks a slight untruth. For this common complaint decoded is rather that they “just don’t feel the energy.”  We are all born with boundless energy. When we were children, we never knew what tired was until an adult told us. It is heavy information that began to weigh us down. It gave a name and excuse for inaction for the rest of our lives. This idea of being dusty and tired grew like mold, and has sullied our ability to easily tap in and out of our source of natural, pure energy.

The only way back to our effortless energy is to purify mind, body, and soul. We must shake off the heavy dust that has settled in our minds. Erase the ideas and excuses we have been taught and  were written upon the walls that separate us from the fresh, clean air that can revitalize and re-inject us with energy of The One.

Purification is the process of stripping away and subtracting any qualities considered dark and unclean. We’ve been conditioned to add something to ourselves for the lack of energy we feel-a drink, a pill, another meal. This is quite the opposite of what’s true about energy. Subtract the weight of these habits, and under the dirt you will discover that the pure energy you were seeking outside yourself,  is always within.


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