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Refresh Worry

'Turn a New Leaf' image courtesy of richietherapper.blogspot.com

There will be times that we will move a little more sluggish, eat convenient instead of conscious, and  let the our circumstance influence us as opposed to activating our environment. We’ll feel weighed down, and maybe not know exactly why. We’ll be more irritated without clear reason, and feel like general happiness is eluding us.

Hopefully we’ll be kind enough to ourselves to adjust and refresh rather than judge and punish. (more…)

Harmony Threshold

‘Humble Warrior Pose’ Image courtesy of fearsomesymmetry.tumblr.com

One must constantly be balancing many things in life to maintain peace and harmony. Yet, most are still learning the graceful dance between discord and dignity. Even if we stumble, we can only learn by carrying on step by step.


Goddess Choice

'Arts Birth of the Crone' painting courtesy of http://www.vaboomer.com

When we choose to be considerate, compassionate, and caring, we choose and reflect the Goddess within. Every human has the capacity, the space inside for patience, stable strength and support–for acceptance, nourishment and tenderness. We, each one of us, can choose endurance, abundance, and unconditional love. The amount of space you create to give and receive these things is up to only One.


Erotic Power

‘Erotic Power’ photograph courtesy of realisingrights.com

The combination will writhe and warm One’s heart in the same split second. After One sip, One might find themselves spilling the ink of that sip on the pages of sacred love letters filled with feelings so strong, they fear sending it to their beloved. It juices up her hips to dance swirls around him. It inspires sparks in his eyes to enchant her with. It makes breath taste good, words feel forever, sounds smell like wildflowers and smiles erupt with the slightest touch.

Erotic + Power


Energy Purity

A common complaint amongst people today is that they “just don’t have the energy”. One who says this, speaks a slight untruth. For this common complaint decoded is rather that they “just don’t feel the energy.”  We are all born with boundless energy. When we were children, we never knew what tired was until an adult told us. It is heavy information that began to weigh us down. It gave a name and excuse for inaction for the rest of our lives. This idea of being dusty and tired grew like mold, and has sullied our ability to easily tap in and out of our source of natural, pure energy.


Seeing Spine

Flows of energy are in and all around us, supporting our every move. The simple act of slowing the pace of anything we do will allow us to see and feel this more strongly. An easy place to start is to slow our breathing, and see it. Truly see it. See that is moves up and down the stem of support on which we rely on the most, our spine.

Fully seeing and acknowledging this line of divine energy from the root base of our bowls, to the consciousness floating ever so slightly above us, is all One needs to do in order to draw more strength for Oneself. It connects the main power points in the body we all have  been blessed with in order to experience work, play, and pleasure.

Be kind to your spine, for the rest of your life it will bear the heaviest burden of your bodily loads, and will be the road that leads to your ultimate heights.

The One

To the great mother, father, sister, brother, child spirit within

I honor this day, the opportunity to live, laugh, learn, and love

I honor the blessing of a one world family with whom I have you to share and find universal truth

I honor the sun, the moon, the stars

I honor air, earth, water, fire, and ether from which we are all made

May I bring peace and harmony to all living and non-living things in this world and in others

I honor the space inside that is the same in all other beings

I honor the space inside that is of love, light, peace, and of truth

I honor the space inside in which the whole universe dwells

When I am in that space, and all others are in that space

We are a oneness


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