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Never-ending Energy

Image accreditation Alex Grey “Nature of Mind”

Evolving never exhausts the mind.


Following Flow

image accreditation http://www.asiapac.com

The one who has the smoothest course rides with the wave, not against it.



QuOte NOte: Minus = Plus

Take yOurself Out Of the equatiOn. You’ll be at peace with all the pOsitives when yOu fOrget abOut yOur negatives in life.


Bernadette Ignacio © 2012

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Quote Note: Harmonious Sanctomonious

Meditation with one’s self is sanctimonious. Mediation with others is harmonious . Choose accordingly. ~B*

Bernadette Ignacio © 2012

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Quote Note: Living Dreams

Image accreditation to http://www.marcandangel.com/

Image accreditation to http://www.marcandangel.com/

“He who is a dreamer, is possible of living the dream. But he who is a doer, does.” ~B*

Bernadette Ignacio © 2012

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Quote Notes

Image accreditation to profilephotocovers.com

Every Monday and Friday I’ll posting a “Fun Quote Note” to wOrds∙Of∙the∙One. I’m a big quote person, and I get inspired by the smallest snippets that sages of all ages have shared. I gain so much from so little, and just want to get in the giving quote loop, and fun of it all.

All this starts when you might ask? Today! So enjoy a little snippet of soul (more…)

Returning Burn

Burning Man Photo accredited to Aaron Logan (http://www.lightmatterphotography.com/)

When removed from the confines of societal norms and expectations, it is magnificent what man does for the sake of just doing. On a dried lake bed far from many, for blip in time, an otherwise desolate terrain transforms into a sacred backdrop for one of the most  glorious, glittering, neon, painted, glowing, heart-stopping, mind-blowing man-made shows on Earth.

A creation made with the sole intention of sharing, results in ocular wonders and unbelievable experiences in such astonishing collective, that one alone simply cannot imagine what is possible.

Because, anything is possible…


Consistent Courage

Image courtesy of randomthoughtsonlifeblog.com

There will be incidents and individuals who will test the courage we so wish to use. For example, someone will share a case of injustice. Often times we say, “If only I was there,” or ,”If it were me…” We go on an imaginary rampage in the shoes of the wronged, and profess a speech about all the ways they would have stood up for themselves, made a their point, and were brave.

And sometimes, it really is you.

So then what does One do? (more…)

Gentleness Threat

'Aikido Defense' image courtesy of mayoacademy.com

One must understand that a threat is born from a place of fear, rejection, perceived pain and difference. It’s expected that One  should  respond to a threat from the same place of inner fear, and become defensive–build a wall, and protect One’s self from the apparent danger or discomfort.

Though, what would be different if One responded with great gentleness? Firm, yet friendly? Stern, but centered? We can change what it means to threaten and be threatened by changing our perceptions of possible outcomes. (more…)

Oneness Truth

'DMT Mountain' painting by Mear One

Coming to the realization of truth about Oneness is a bitter-sweet moment. Once One tastes the natural nectar of life–the pure principles of the universe–One can no longer go on being satisfied with the artificial sweeteners of materialistic modern living.

It is a superb thing to feel Oneness in life, but truth be told, it is quite another to share, love and act by it through our waking hours. For in this life we can taste the bitterness, feel the anger, hear the cries, see the injustice, smell the rotting of morality. However, when we understand that all is created from One life source, we can be thankful for the spectrum we’ve been given to experience.  Speak, share, and breathe this …


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