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Purpose Refuge

Pollok Country Park photograph by John Lindie

The road to recognizing one’s purpose is the only road we are meant to walk. Some paths are more obscured and challenging than others. Some are crooked, full of forks toward folly, and obstacles which can lure us away from our most fulfilling footsteps. And for others, The Way is a bit more clear. They are fortunate to be guided by those who are full of light, have walked a bit further, and who have lowered their lamp of love from their very first steps.

However, no matter how different or distracting, all paths of purpose will lead to the refuge of our own reasons for living.

A refuge is a space where one is meant to feel completely safe. Within a refuge we are assured a stronghold where no harm or hindering judgement will come. Others can freely give care and support with no interference. As long as we have our heart and our mind’s eye open, we will never stager too far off our path of purpose to our own personal refuge.

Be strong in your strides, for the reward does not solely lie at the end of the road.  Sanctuary can be found in each and every step of the way.

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