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Quote Note: Clever Conscious

For you beloved reader, a Friday Quote Note … (more…)


Quote Notes

Image accreditation to profilephotocovers.com

Every Monday and Friday I’ll posting a “Fun Quote Note” to wOrds∙Of∙the∙One. I’m a big quote person, and I get inspired by the smallest snippets that sages of all ages have shared. I gain so much from so little, and just want to get in the giving quote loop, and fun of it all.

All this starts when you might ask? Today! So enjoy a little snippet of soul (more…)

Returning Burn

Burning Man Photo accredited to Aaron Logan (http://www.lightmatterphotography.com/)

When removed from the confines of societal norms and expectations, it is magnificent what man does for the sake of just doing. On a dried lake bed far from many, for blip in time, an otherwise desolate terrain transforms into a sacred backdrop for one of the most  glorious, glittering, neon, painted, glowing, heart-stopping, mind-blowing man-made shows on Earth.

A creation made with the sole intention of sharing, results in ocular wonders and unbelievable experiences in such astonishing collective, that one alone simply cannot imagine what is possible.

Because, anything is possible…


Magic Moment

Image courtesy of PauloCoelhoblog.com

A Words first…the repost of another.

We all need a muse. In Mr. Coelho I have found one of many. The whole basis of wOrds•Of•the•One is on the inspiration I draw from the sages in this world sharing their own. So with no further a due,  we give to  you…

The magic moment.

Fresh Lens

'The Elbow Everglow of Las Posas' photo taken by Bernadette Ignacio

Each day, most of us pass through the same streets guided by our inner autopilot. Over trust in where we’re going and how to get there dulls our senses, and the scene around us. We become indifferent to the small wonders that lie in each predictable step or ride through reminiscent routes.

Without awareness, this conditioned conversance can cause One to lose their sensitivity to the infinite sources of inspiration within their immediate and familiar surroundings. Shameful is the case, because this subliminal disenchantment kills our creativity. (more…)

Slight Light

'Crescent Moon' Image courtesy of http://www.acclaimimages.com

As with the crescent moon, sometimes showing only a sliver of One’s self is most beautiful…

Infinite Relatives

'World Traveler' Image courtesy of http://eprohomes.info/Travel.aspx

Where would One go if they believed that where ever they went, they would have a family to care for them there? What would One do if they understood that their actions were needed, and were for the benefit of many? How would One love, if they knew their love would be infinitely reciprocated? These questions can be answered through observing the lives of those who have dedicated their selves to the belief of a One world family.


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