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Keep Interested

'Desiderata Tatoo' Image courtesy of pinterest.com

One can set goals, strive for their best potential, and aspire to fully achieve. Initially, feelings of future accomplishment motivate our actions and all is well in our on-set of ambition. Though over time comes delay of gratification, and in the rapid, voracious pace of modern culture it is easy for One to grow impatient, and get distracted from the lack of expected result.  Without persistence and acceptance of One’s own natural progress, interest will inevitably fade.

Strive to resist restless feelings of falsely conceived failure, and slowly but surely; like a patient desert cactus bud awaiting absent rain, your dreams will bloom.

*Note to the One Reader*

The last time I memorized anything this way, it was the Declaration of Independence at age 9. Almost 20 years later all I’ve got it is, “Four score and seven years ago, our fore fathers…” I think I’ll do better with this.

Desiderata (as B*, aka The·One, remembers it by heart so far…)


Night Love

Night Love Angel image courtesy of Sepidehgraphic

When the sun sets down to rest, she awakes on the horizon opposite of west, and the blackness of her night blankets the world. She wraps her rich, dark cloak around that which we know of day, and transforms all into an irresistible mystery. Upon the eve, we are forced to fall in love again with things once familiar, but in obscure, foreboding forms.


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