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Travel Responsibilty

With experience comes the great responsibility of sharing the wealth One has sought out, intentionally or not, along One’s journey. Travel is treasure gained. The lessons learned far from home are each a gem of wisdom to impart with others when travel paths cross. A conversation shared between travelers feels as crucial as knowing the currency exchange, concierge, or nearest toilet and market.

It is an ever-deepening understanding that those who traverse great distance between where their full-grown feet stand, and where their infant feet fumbled, hold a responsibility to inspire and inform. Wether or not One exercises this responsibility will determine where the road in life will take them.

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Compassion Hourglass

Our Love is an Hourglass-Source: http://9gag.com/gag/15824/

Sand falling through an hourglass is the passing of that which we deem will inevitably expire. It is the symbol for the limited passing of time, and once the last grain has fallen, that thing must stop. However, we have the option to flip the hourglass allowing the opposite, infinity, to ensue. Though all things have a natural cycle–stasis or static, dark or light,full or empty–we can choose to reinvest time in the things that will bring infinite happiness for all. Compassion is one of those things. (more…)

Confront Simplicity

In this modern world full of cutting edge technology, intertwined globalism and hyper connectivity, it seems all things are becoming increasingly complex. To manage this, we constantly update our business partners, friends, and family–near or far–on what we are doing, where we are doing it, and with whom all from our fingertips. We upload, download, buffer, send, save, draft, file, share, shut down, power up, charge, and reset our lives, just so we can put it to sleep, and do all again tomorrow with a new set of data. All this convergence and speed is meant for the sake of convenience. However, is life any easier, more enjoyable, or more simple?

In this manic state in which the world operates, it’s easy to undermine the value of genuine simplicity.

Instead of sending flowers via an e-card, walk through a garden with someone. Instead of grabbing a quick bite, properly prepare a meal for yourself & others. Instead of sending a text, post a hand written letter. Time is all we have in this life, and that is not even guaranteed. For most, 100 years at best. What will we make of it? How will we enjoy it? Who will we help? What will we leave for others to remember?

Rushing through convoluted, hectic days scratching through our to do list will never serve and satisfy as a single simple act into which you have put your whole heart.

Learning Discipline

Have you ever noticed times when days seem to drag? We all know these days, these are the days we are not truly learning. The proactive process of learning is absorbing. Time melts away. After a deep session, one doesn’t feel exhausted, but rather refreshed. This is because learning is a fountain of youth.

However, to truly enter these phases where one flows freely through the fountain of time and space, one must first undergo the discipline of obtaining skill and full understanding. Wether in art, music, problem solving, or meditation, all require patience and steady self cultivation of some sort. To truly gain through our learning, development in discipline is essential to breaking free from the old habits which bind us to the mundane and familiar past.

Learning will set you free, though one must rigor through the first steps of discipline before they can fly.

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