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Interconnected Light

'Interconnected Light' image courtesy of freezonetechno.com

Geography may be the only thing that sets us apart from each other. Though, even that is challenged when we zoom out from our tiny universal existence in the great expanse of infinite space.

But here on earth, we overly complicate things by obsessively categorizing every thing in its own separate conceptual container. We make harsh distinctions like complexion, religion, economic strata and think that these things disconnect us. Unfortunately, these degrees of separation are blatantly accepted in societies around the world.

Why is it so easy for us to emphasize the seams between our selves instead of focusing on the fact that we are all woven into the same human fabric?


Rose Counterpoint

'Rose Counterpoint' Image courtesy of witshadows.wordpress.com

In the heavy dirt roots a sturdy, brown stalk covered in black blades, like armor ready for war. As One traces their eyes up the stem, vile brown turns vert, and thorns become hidden behind broad leaves. Further up, the sinister spikes soften to an almost crystal cream in color, as if transformed into jewels draping a delicate wrist. At the top of this foliage fortress, the most alluring and exquisite bloom flirts on a breeze. Soft, silken petals adorn a sharp sheathed vine–a perfect counterpoint to crown the wiry warrior below.

There is much to say about all things having an opposite.


Soul Rusticity

Country vs City Photograph by Jason Melcher

Seasons. Bread. Simple. Rain. Bake. Sunshine. Soil. These are the things of high value in a rural life. These things, when abundant, keep our soul alive and well.

Sarcasm. Boast. Sophisticated. Snide. Banter. Skyscraper. Street. These are the things of high value in a city life. These things, to keep abundant we consider our souls to sell.

There is no doubt that technology has has changed the standard of what the masses would call a good life. Fancy gadgets, convenience, and sleek design gleam in our eyes. We are distracted from the fulfilling, connected, the rooted. It would do us well to balance the almost magical mechanics we have discovered to benefit not just the people parading in city streets, but also those who laboriously pick our food on dirt paths.

G.O.D Promises

We all make promises to ourselves. In doing so, we make promises to  our G.O.D. (what author Julia Cameron calls Good Orderly Direction). This is so because our life is only made possible from of the light and love from the sun, the moon and the stars–all of which, are also made from the order and direction of The One.

Think of each breath as a promise to ourselves, and to our G.O.D., to fully live. If you held your breath, you would be breaking each promise. (more…)

Seeing Spine

Flows of energy are in and all around us, supporting our every move. The simple act of slowing the pace of anything we do will allow us to see and feel this more strongly. An easy place to start is to slow our breathing, and see it. Truly see it. See that is moves up and down the stem of support on which we rely on the most, our spine.

Fully seeing and acknowledging this line of divine energy from the root base of our bowls, to the consciousness floating ever so slightly above us, is all One needs to do in order to draw more strength for Oneself. It connects the main power points in the body we all have  been blessed with in order to experience work, play, and pleasure.

Be kind to your spine, for the rest of your life it will bear the heaviest burden of your bodily loads, and will be the road that leads to your ultimate heights.

Eternal Clarifying

Storm Clearing photograph by Colin Cunningham

Love and light, are truly the only things that last forever. We are born from love, will live to meet the many faces of love, and when we die, we will return back into the folds of love from which we came. It is perennial as the green grass that follows the light of the sun. Though, once the darker seasons of doubt are upon us, the seemingly eternal sunshine shifts to shadier times, and we become engulfed in the materials that comfort us through our cloudy, self-made confusion.

Looking with your mind’s eye is only way we can see through this fog. It is an ongoing process to clarify the truth about our true eternal existence of pure love and light. For the physical world we live in only affords so many insights into our clear soul. Use patience, persistence and wisdom as an umbrella against the dark and foggy days. The storms of negativity, materialism, and fear will pass, and clarity will always come with the breaking of a new dawn on life’s horizon.

Whole Manifistation

What are the qualities that make someone whole?

A whole person is centered, but not selfish, offers advice, but does not judge, and not only hears, but truly listens. A whole person helps without being asked, shares without hesitation, yields with consideration. A whole person is spiritual, but not stringent, is funny, but not foolish, is strong, but does not strain. She is trusting, but not gullible, accepting but not apathetic, appreciates beauty, but is not shallow. He is patient, but not a push over, is confident, not conceited, is aware, though not oversensitive. A whole person can love without being in love, is detached, but not discriminating, is wise, but does not ever condescend.

Manifesting a good life is nothing more than choosing the better halves to make a whole.

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