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Never-ending Energy

Image accreditation Alex Grey “Nature of Mind”

Evolving never exhausts the mind.


Following Flow

image accreditation http://www.asiapac.com

The one who has the smoothest course rides with the wave, not against it.


Focus First

Image accreditation: http://www.lifehack.org

One and all struggle with focus. In a hyper connected world where any and all distractions are available at One’s finger tips, the ability to focus becomes more difficult as society emphasizes entertainment over enrichment. Screens small and large keep One from turning that last page, doing the last rep, typing the last period, or starting the first sentence. (more…)

Quote Notes

Image accreditation to profilephotocovers.com

Every Monday and Friday I’ll posting a “Fun Quote Note” to wOrds∙Of∙the∙One. I’m a big quote person, and I get inspired by the smallest snippets that sages of all ages have shared. I gain so much from so little, and just want to get in the giving quote loop, and fun of it all.

All this starts when you might ask? Today! So enjoy a little snippet of soul (more…)

Returning Burn

Burning Man Photo accredited to Aaron Logan (http://www.lightmatterphotography.com/)

When removed from the confines of societal norms and expectations, it is magnificent what man does for the sake of just doing. On a dried lake bed far from many, for blip in time, an otherwise desolate terrain transforms into a sacred backdrop for one of the most  glorious, glittering, neon, painted, glowing, heart-stopping, mind-blowing man-made shows on Earth.

A creation made with the sole intention of sharing, results in ocular wonders and unbelievable experiences in such astonishing collective, that one alone simply cannot imagine what is possible.

Because, anything is possible…


Magic Moment

Image courtesy of PauloCoelhoblog.com

A Words first…the repost of another.

We all need a muse. In Mr. Coelho I have found one of many. The whole basis of wOrds•Of•the•One is on the inspiration I draw from the sages in this world sharing their own. So with no further a due,  we give to  you…

The magic moment.

As surly as spring showers quench May flowers, with reflection comes refreshment.

© 2012 Bernadette Ignacio

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Learned, patient, and precise was the master craftsman who could cut an intricate dovetail joint from sturdy wood. With the change in seasons came the swelling and contraction of the once living tree. The craftsman understood that long after the bark was severed from its roots with the earth, it still breathed.

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Spoken Token

Here is a token to write from the One soul that makes One and all whole.

One should take this token and behold it more than a silver tongue, more than wearable gold.

For theatre, a life changing film, a novel, or beats with a rhyme would have never been told,

Without a  token redeemed for words to be spoken.

Here is a token to speak from the One soul that makes One and all whole.

One should take this token to express, caress, and decompress things that heat the heart and stir the mind.

For love, spirit, and creativity we seek, we shall not find,

Without a token redeemed for speak to be spoken.

Here is a token to dream with the One soul that makes One and all whole.

One should take this token and bring forth their dreams from the dark slumber of night.

For One could not recognize their dreams in the waking days of brilliant light,

Without a token redeemed for dreams to be spoken.

Self Made

'Life on a Plate' image courtesy of http://www.facebook.com/pages/MY-life-on-a-plate

For many, inside the self stirs a recipe of thought brewed with a base of anxiousness, a few chunks of worry, mixed well with regret. Once ready, they dress the concoction with happiness and a dashing smile for garnish.

One who lives a life with this organized chaos inside seems to be fine on the outside. But, soon One realizes they can’t survive on only the surface layer of life.


Writhing Writing

'Love Writing' image courtesy of dennylyon.hubpages.com

It only takes One element, One detail, One angle, One action to change everything. Likewise, life completely morphs minus One person, One place, One purpose. In everyone’s life blood there is an essential element which needs to stay flowing and present each day to power One’s personal practice of a meaningful existence.


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