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Seeing Spine

Flows of energy are in and all around us, supporting our every move. The simple act of slowing the pace of anything we do will allow us to see and feel this more strongly. An easy place to start is to slow our breathing, and see it. Truly see it. See that is moves up and down the stem of support on which we rely on the most, our spine.

Fully seeing and acknowledging this line of divine energy from the root base of our bowls, to the consciousness floating ever so slightly above us, is all One needs to do in order to draw more strength for Oneself. It connects the main power points in the body we all have  been blessed with in order to experience work, play, and pleasure.

Be kind to your spine, for the rest of your life it will bear the heaviest burden of your bodily loads, and will be the road that leads to your ultimate heights.

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