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Place Choice

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Sometimes the wrong places bring us to the right choices.


Following Flow

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The one who has the smoothest course rides with the wave, not against it.



Reposition Purpose

TOO many of us reverse Our better nature. TOO few Of us direct Ourselves with becOming intent.


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*Donkey Purpose*

Bernadette Ignacio © 2012

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Quote Notes

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Every Monday and Friday I’ll posting a “Fun Quote Note” to wOrds∙Of∙the∙One. I’m a big quote person, and I get inspired by the smallest snippets that sages of all ages have shared. I gain so much from so little, and just want to get in the giving quote loop, and fun of it all.

All this starts when you might ask? Today! So enjoy a little snippet of soul (more…)

Returning Burn

Burning Man Photo accredited to Aaron Logan (http://www.lightmatterphotography.com/)

When removed from the confines of societal norms and expectations, it is magnificent what man does for the sake of just doing. On a dried lake bed far from many, for blip in time, an otherwise desolate terrain transforms into a sacred backdrop for one of the most  glorious, glittering, neon, painted, glowing, heart-stopping, mind-blowing man-made shows on Earth.

A creation made with the sole intention of sharing, results in ocular wonders and unbelievable experiences in such astonishing collective, that one alone simply cannot imagine what is possible.

Because, anything is possible…


As surly as spring showers quench May flowers, with reflection comes refreshment.

© 2012 Bernadette Ignacio

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Learned, patient, and precise was the master craftsman who could cut an intricate dovetail joint from sturdy wood. With the change in seasons came the swelling and contraction of the once living tree. The craftsman understood that long after the bark was severed from its roots with the earth, it still breathed.

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Slight Light

'Crescent Moon' Image courtesy of http://www.acclaimimages.com

As with the crescent moon, sometimes showing only a sliver of One’s self is most beautiful…

Chemical Cool

It can be argued that our whole existence is based on chemical reactions.  Scientific study revolves around how One substance, person, or bacteria, affects another–and, the result of that interaction. We all have conducted our own personal experiment, though in the moment we don’t call it science. We call it love at first sight, sick as a dog, or cool as a cucumber.

'Magic Forest' image courtesy of Silva Arcanas

For thousands of years humans have been chemically curious about the changes that happen in other beings such plants and minerals. So curious that One long, age-old day ago, we tested our mortality as  human being with plant being. Our wisest, most respected ancestors risked their very lives to understand something beyond themselves. What they found was of great reward, they called it magic.


Out Side

Sometimes One feels out of their element. Waving in a wondering, indifferent sea of questions that seem to have no particular answers in clear sight. Or, sometimes, One feels left on the side watching as things happen around them, but not to them. This is when One finds themselves, outside of their selves.

They feel out of their element because they have no conviction in their actions, no substance from which their efforts are based. One feels left on the side, because they resist being in their natural flow. Don’t be a bystander to your own life. Understand that One will never find the truth of themselves by scavenging and stalling on the outside, for the purest parts of soul are found inside.

Goddess Choice

'Arts Birth of the Crone' painting courtesy of http://www.vaboomer.com

When we choose to be considerate, compassionate, and caring, we choose and reflect the Goddess within. Every human has the capacity, the space inside for patience, stable strength and support–for acceptance, nourishment and tenderness. We, each one of us, can choose endurance, abundance, and unconditional love. The amount of space you create to give and receive these things is up to only One.


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