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Oneness Truth

'DMT Mountain' painting by Mear One

Coming to the realization of truth about Oneness is a bitter-sweet moment. Once One tastes the natural nectar of life–the pure principles of the universe–One can no longer go on being satisfied with the artificial sweeteners of materialistic modern living.

It is a superb thing to feel Oneness in life, but truth be told, it is quite another to share, love and act by it through our waking hours. For in this life we can taste the bitterness, feel the anger, hear the cries, see the injustice, smell the rotting of morality. However, when we understand that all is created from One life source, we can be thankful for the spectrum we’ve been given to experience.  Speak, share, and breathe this …


Interconnected Light

'Interconnected Light' image courtesy of freezonetechno.com

Geography may be the only thing that sets us apart from each other. Though, even that is challenged when we zoom out from our tiny universal existence in the great expanse of infinite space.

But here on earth, we overly complicate things by obsessively categorizing every thing in its own separate conceptual container. We make harsh distinctions like complexion, religion, economic strata and think that these things disconnect us. Unfortunately, these degrees of separation are blatantly accepted in societies around the world.

Why is it so easy for us to emphasize the seams between our selves instead of focusing on the fact that we are all woven into the same human fabric?


Earth Redemption

Image of 'Earth Pheonix' courtesy of Kagaya

Earth herself, is a redeemer. She accepts all that dies into herself and regenerates all anew. She transforms decay into development, and waste into growing wonder. However, this cycle of miracle has a time span, just like any process with a start and finish. We have disregarded her patience–trying to convince ourselves that we have control over the redemption of things in life we all need to survive: food, water, air.

This is a gross mistake.


Soul Rusticity

Country vs City Photograph by Jason Melcher

Seasons. Bread. Simple. Rain. Bake. Sunshine. Soil. These are the things of high value in a rural life. These things, when abundant, keep our soul alive and well.

Sarcasm. Boast. Sophisticated. Snide. Banter. Skyscraper. Street. These are the things of high value in a city life. These things, to keep abundant we consider our souls to sell.

There is no doubt that technology has has changed the standard of what the masses would call a good life. Fancy gadgets, convenience, and sleek design gleam in our eyes. We are distracted from the fulfilling, connected, the rooted. It would do us well to balance the almost magical mechanics we have discovered to benefit not just the people parading in city streets, but also those who laboriously pick our food on dirt paths.

Whole Manifistation

What are the qualities that make someone whole?

A whole person is centered, but not selfish, offers advice, but does not judge, and not only hears, but truly listens. A whole person helps without being asked, shares without hesitation, yields with consideration. A whole person is spiritual, but not stringent, is funny, but not foolish, is strong, but does not strain. She is trusting, but not gullible, accepting but not apathetic, appreciates beauty, but is not shallow. He is patient, but not a push over, is confident, not conceited, is aware, though not oversensitive. A whole person can love without being in love, is detached, but not discriminating, is wise, but does not ever condescend.

Manifesting a good life is nothing more than choosing the better halves to make a whole.

The One

To the great mother, father, sister, brother, child spirit within

I honor this day, the opportunity to live, laugh, learn, and love

I honor the blessing of a one world family with whom I have you to share and find universal truth

I honor the sun, the moon, the stars

I honor air, earth, water, fire, and ether from which we are all made

May I bring peace and harmony to all living and non-living things in this world and in others

I honor the space inside that is the same in all other beings

I honor the space inside that is of love, light, peace, and of truth

I honor the space inside in which the whole universe dwells

When I am in that space, and all others are in that space

We are a oneness


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