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Listening Armor

'Listening Armor' image courtesy of Volodymyr Goinyk

When there is difference of opinion to discuss, it’s often an individual’s immediate response to suit up mental armor around their argument. No matter how strong the advance, or how sophisticated the artillery of evidence coming from the opposing side, their armor is impervious. Their perspective protected, the issue a stalemate.

Though this may be a sign of strength, sheltered within someone’s armor is also their ability to listen. By encasing themselves with a tactile defense, they lose grounds for negotiation, and this is when a battle becomes a war.


Silence Challenge

'Silence Challenge' photo by Bernadette Ignacio

Silence has solace to offer. Confessions heard by no other ear are the most sincere. Living in an age where constant stimuli bombards our senses, it is a challenge to appreciate what substance there is to be found in quietude. But, when revered, silence offers the same sort of blessed energy as the warm summer sun.


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