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Interconnected Light

'Interconnected Light' image courtesy of freezonetechno.com

Geography may be the only thing that sets us apart from each other. Though, even that is challenged when we zoom out from our tiny universal existence in the great expanse of infinite space.

But here on earth, we overly complicate things by obsessively categorizing every thing in its own separate conceptual container. We make harsh distinctions like complexion, religion, economic strata and think that these things disconnect us. Unfortunately, these degrees of separation are blatantly accepted in societies around the world.

Why is it so easy for us to emphasize the seams between our selves instead of focusing on the fact that we are all woven into the same human fabric?


Interconnected Obscurity

‘Interconnected Obscurity’ image by Bernadette Ignacio

Obscurity is a subtle power. When One is out of the spotlight, they can better see a whole picture. They can see the interconnected links all around them. The focus is not on the individual, and the individual can better focus.


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