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Fresh Lens

'The Elbow Everglow of Las Posas' photo taken by Bernadette Ignacio

Each day, most of us pass through the same streets guided by our inner autopilot. Over trust in where we’re going and how to get there dulls our senses, and the scene around us. We become indifferent to the small wonders that lie in each predictable step or ride through reminiscent routes.

Without awareness, this conditioned conversance can cause One to lose their sensitivity to the infinite sources of inspiration within their immediate and familiar surroundings. Shameful is the case, because this subliminal disenchantment kills our creativity. (more…)

Sweeping Attention

'Sweeping Attention' Image courtesy of Pixadus.com

Wind sweeps, swirls, picks up, puts down, and carries with it the silent, strong wishes of the hopeful. Soft bellows skim a dusty floor to uncover brilliance hiding under filth. Sweeping is a passing, a feeling, a whimsical invisible world in constant motion. It’s a reminder that the swift rise and fall of our emotions are like that of a whispering breeze.  All know the feel of gusts, none of us can hold on to it, and none of us see it coming.

Bring full attention to that which no hand can grasp. Do so, and  in a sweeping moment you will fly free to where ever the One blows.

Modest Peace

Unfortunately, in a western culture we associate modesty with weakness. It is thought that to bend is to break, to give in, is to toss in the towel. This mentality comes from the mindset that life is a competition, rather than a concert.

To understand modesty is to understand limits. Even the highest mountain has a top, the hottest day a temperature, and the most massive creature a measurement. A modest One can better minimize ego, and maximize the scope and stance of a situation, place, or person. When modesty is truly expressed, it unveils a persons capacity for peace, rather than petulance, when meeting boundaries.The purest of power and strength need not be announced or advertised.

Silence Challenge

'Silence Challenge' photo by Bernadette Ignacio

Silence has solace to offer. Confessions heard by no other ear are the most sincere. Living in an age where constant stimuli bombards our senses, it is a challenge to appreciate what substance there is to be found in quietude. But, when revered, silence offers the same sort of blessed energy as the warm summer sun.


Vow Completion

'Bloom Complete' photograph by Bernadette Ignacio

Start what you finish. Vow to this, and your actions will be far and above many others. Completion embodies into those who commit; discipline, substance, focus. Even if your vow is to complete the most mundane task, such as watering a plant. Should you consistently neglect this one simple act, that plant will die. Think of your life, as that plant, and your vow to complete your intentions as the water. Every time you deprive your plant–every time you desist in actions which mean something to you–you leave yourself weak and dry.


A Personal Note from The One*

My deepest and most sincere apologies dear reader for not sharing Words of The One as of late. Life has brought upon me challenges that have hindered the daily flow from me to you.

But, only when we persist through the struggle can we test our strongest links. In such tribulation, it helps to remember timeless Words of the Buddhist Monks,

“No mud, no lotus”

…right? So, with the mirror wiped clean we can see each other again.

I also wanted to give your One soul an infinite thank you for reading. Even if you only glance Once, it’s One time we’ve glanced into the space that is ‘the place in ourselves in which the whole universe resides. And, when you are in that space and I am in that space, we are One.’ Please continue to read, share, learn, laugh, and love with me.

With the whole of my being I thank you again ~ Namasté


Lotus Flower photograph by Bahman Farzad

Ending Mystery

'Do more of This' Photo taken at Washington University- Kansas City, Missouri

There are, and forever will be, mysteries that will go unexplained. Though that may be a troubling certainty, we can take great comfort in the opportunity to solve mysteries to which we can find an end. Such are small, yet miraculous mysteries waiting to be  deciphered day by day.

At any moment we can encounter the keys of locked treasures we will curiously stumble upon. Let us recognize those treasures as given gifts, buried purposefully deep within ourselves to discover boundless joy, happiness, and enlightenment. But to enjoy these things, we must confront the possibility of an end we did not expect–or, finding yet another mystery wrapped in the layers of our lives.


Sanity Diversity

Brainstorm image courtesy of Dreamstime.c0m

Sanity is nothing more than our ability to keep attention and balance within ourselves. Without a developed skill of sanity, an endless stream of thoughts would pour through our minds every waking minute. They would rage like a mad flood, sweeping through us–never allowing a chance for our true state of cool and calm to ever surface.

But just as there are a diverse, countless array of scattered thoughts that flutter through the mind, there are an equal amount of ways for sanity to stay at bay within ourselves, and keep from the storm of choppy thoughts. (more…)

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