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Behavior Template

'Break through Barcode' Image courtesy of Banksy

Even though most of us would agree that it is perfectly fine for people to act differently than they think, most of us would be agreeing on something false. We have to understand that even our smallest thoughts will surface in some way, some day. Often some one will say to themselves in frustration, “Why did I do that?” The answer is, consciously or unconsciously, they thought that action into happening.

Our behavior is a direct expression of all that which goes on in our mind. Sometimes the translation from brain to body is not always obvious, and our actions can confuse us and others. But, these are moments when we can use the help of a guide. A template.Templates give us framework in which we can create order out of the mess in our minds. We can choose to use the guiding confines of a beautiful form to give us direction and clarification.

And only after we have learned from within the lines can we break out of them with actions that translate into creativity from chaos.

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