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Anger Worthwhile

Luscious Red Photograph by Ruth Palmer

Feelings of anger will indefinitely arise. We’ve come to understand that this seed of human feeling has the potential to thrive grotesquely, and overtake a person’s ability to reason, speak, see, breathe. If we allow this feeling to run wild within us, our bodies become hot, tense, uncomfortable. Our skin and blood boil. We lose ourselves. This is the embodiment of resentment and hate. With this understanding we have to ask, is this kind of anger worth it?

However, some take this seed and plant the potential for great action. The heat of an issue or injustice motivates some to transform the rogue emotion into a steam engine for positive change. We fight to find what is true in ourselves. This embodiment then becomes, focus and annihilate. This, is anger worthwhile.

The waves of anger may feel as big as a tsunami engulfing the entire island of our souls. Or, anger will come in small swells, through which we will quickly paddle. When or from where it comes is not the quandary, it’s how we weather the storm.

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