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Lands Collide

'Two Worlds Collide' image courtesy of http://www.hdiphonewallpaper.com

Undoubtedly there will be moments in life when One force meets another. On an any and every level, it feels like worlds are crashing together. They are. Each One of us holds the enormity of a universe within ourselves.

Our beliefs, our culture, our family history, concepts of love and hate are continents that give our personal planets shape and form. Our experiences, a sea through which our mass moves, morphs and shifts. Our breath, the very life essence that everything inhales and exhales.


Morning Peace

'Peace Rising' photograph by Bernadette Ignacio-Golders Green Park, London, UK

In the still morning, potential for the day breaks. Seize the opportunity to make a manse with the miracle that is morning. Feel the true phenomenon of turning away from ephemeral night, and into the sun star’s light–bask in it. Realize that morning is an earthly  endowment–a rare occurrence in the vastness of cold, dark space. Morning is a gift to our place, our home, in the cosmos. (more…)

Night Love

Night Love Angel image courtesy of Sepidehgraphic

When the sun sets down to rest, she awakes on the horizon opposite of west, and the blackness of her night blankets the world. She wraps her rich, dark cloak around that which we know of day, and transforms all into an irresistible mystery. Upon the eve, we are forced to fall in love again with things once familiar, but in obscure, foreboding forms.


Life Manure

'Seedling Sprouting' image courtesy of http://www.hankerings.wordpress.com

Though life pours down from the stars, and it spurts up from the ground. A blade of grass, bud of flower, or baby beginning to crawl, are all miracles of unending awe that cycles through fascinating stages of life to death. Each phase of life is miraculous and multi-faced beyond our full explanation. We should treasure our ever-changing earth in all its complexity.

However, what we must remember are the very simple, seemingly gross ingredients that spring forth such a varietal mix of life. (more…)

Us Context

Photograph of the Helix Nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

Context is everything. We like to believe that we have the capacity to treat each other equally, as we’d like to be treated. Despite that firm belief, a very hard human truth is that, how we treat one person in a certain scenario or situation, we will treat another in a different way– subtle or blatant, conscious or unconscious.

With this understanding, what we must remember is, we are only parts of The One whole. How we treat one another, what energy we expel or reserve, circles through this lifetime or in ones to come. For between us, is a universal connection and thus the true context of our relation to one another. It is an ever-changing, unconditional and constant state between all that is,was, and will be. Our job is to be mindful and appropriate to this truth– this undeniable bond between, us…

The One

To the great mother, father, sister, brother, child spirit within

I honor this day, the opportunity to live, laugh, learn, and love

I honor the blessing of a one world family with whom I have you to share and find universal truth

I honor the sun, the moon, the stars

I honor air, earth, water, fire, and ether from which we are all made

May I bring peace and harmony to all living and non-living things in this world and in others

I honor the space inside that is the same in all other beings

I honor the space inside that is of love, light, peace, and of truth

I honor the space inside in which the whole universe dwells

When I am in that space, and all others are in that space

We are a oneness


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