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Be Happy

When One can arrive in a moment, a breath, or a place to just be, One will no doubt  feel happiness.

'Desiderata Record' image courtesy of http://www.technodisco.net

*Note to The One Reader*

All smiles here, the Desiderta is just as  much a apart of my memory as is my first kiss, travel, step inside a new apartment. In the days that have passed, each word has been branded into my consciousness. The repetition as relentless as breath, it even being erratic at times when obstacles and distractions thwarted my goal.

But alas, it was the very moment to Decide Desiderata that brought me to this blissfully satisfying moment I share with you now. I’ve learned again that, to Make Memory isn’t anything more than a dedication to persistence. In doing so, One gains confidence in their ability to Keep Interested when time tests patience. But through commitment I learned to Nurture Strength to continue, and in this moment I can just Be Happy.

Thanks for sharing the journey! Cheers! To the next step of living, laughing, learning, and loving…



Desiderata (as B*, aka The·One, remembers it by heart )


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