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Chemical Cool

It can be argued that our whole existence is based on chemical reactions.  Scientific study revolves around how One substance, person, or bacteria, affects another–and, the result of that interaction. We all have conducted our own personal experiment, though in the moment we don’t call it science. We call it love at first sight, sick as a dog, or cool as a cucumber.

'Magic Forest' image courtesy of Silva Arcanas

For thousands of years humans have been chemically curious about the changes that happen in other beings such plants and minerals. So curious that One long, age-old day ago, we tested our mortality as  human being with plant being. Our wisest, most respected ancestors risked their very lives to understand something beyond themselves. What they found was of great reward, they called it magic.


Sanity Diversity

Brainstorm image courtesy of Dreamstime.c0m

Sanity is nothing more than our ability to keep attention and balance within ourselves. Without a developed skill of sanity, an endless stream of thoughts would pour through our minds every waking minute. They would rage like a mad flood, sweeping through us–never allowing a chance for our true state of cool and calm to ever surface.

But just as there are a diverse, countless array of scattered thoughts that flutter through the mind, there are an equal amount of ways for sanity to stay at bay within ourselves, and keep from the storm of choppy thoughts. (more…)

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