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Gentleness Threat

'Aikido Defense' image courtesy of mayoacademy.com

One must understand that a threat is born from a place of fear, rejection, perceived pain and difference. It’s expected that One  should  respond to a threat from the same place of inner fear, and become defensive–build a wall, and protect One’s self from the apparent danger or discomfort.

Though, what would be different if One responded with great gentleness? Firm, yet friendly? Stern, but centered? We can change what it means to threaten and be threatened by changing our perceptions of possible outcomes. (more…)


Sweet Giving

'The Giving Tree' image courtesy of Shel SilversteinIf One gives from a place where there is no limitations–from the source of infinite love within– One loses nothing and gains everything.

Nurture Strength

Desiderata Image courtesy of susanmacneil.com

Just as the muscles in One’s body, strength of spirit needs to be exercised. It is the harshest times in life that reveal One’s true depth of power and strongest will to survive. And because One is not in a constant state of struggle, it is not enough to wait for those moments to use our strength.

One needs to take care and cultivate their spirit, nourishing the roots of their soul with patience and healthy self-love. Only when One learns this practice will they then be able to handle hard times with great power and grace.

*Note to the One Reader*

Joyous family affairs briefly took my full attention away from my memorization project. But if I just Keep Interested and Nurture my Strength to continue, I will hold these words in my heart until I am grey. Almost there!..

Desiderata (as B*, aka The·One, remembers it by heart so far…)


Keep Interested

'Desiderata Tatoo' Image courtesy of pinterest.com

One can set goals, strive for their best potential, and aspire to fully achieve. Initially, feelings of future accomplishment motivate our actions and all is well in our on-set of ambition. Though over time comes delay of gratification, and in the rapid, voracious pace of modern culture it is easy for One to grow impatient, and get distracted from the lack of expected result.  Without persistence and acceptance of One’s own natural progress, interest will inevitably fade.

Strive to resist restless feelings of falsely conceived failure, and slowly but surely; like a patient desert cactus bud awaiting absent rain, your dreams will bloom.

*Note to the One Reader*

The last time I memorized anything this way, it was the Declaration of Independence at age 9. Almost 20 years later all I’ve got it is, “Four score and seven years ago, our fore fathers…” I think I’ll do better with this.

Desiderata (as B*, aka The·One, remembers it by heart so far…)


Out Side

Sometimes One feels out of their element. Waving in a wondering, indifferent sea of questions that seem to have no particular answers in clear sight. Or, sometimes, One feels left on the side watching as things happen around them, but not to them. This is when One finds themselves, outside of their selves.

They feel out of their element because they have no conviction in their actions, no substance from which their efforts are based. One feels left on the side, because they resist being in their natural flow. Don’t be a bystander to your own life. Understand that One will never find the truth of themselves by scavenging and stalling on the outside, for the purest parts of soul are found inside.

Goddess Choice

'Arts Birth of the Crone' painting courtesy of http://www.vaboomer.com

When we choose to be considerate, compassionate, and caring, we choose and reflect the Goddess within. Every human has the capacity, the space inside for patience, stable strength and support–for acceptance, nourishment and tenderness. We, each one of us, can choose endurance, abundance, and unconditional love. The amount of space you create to give and receive these things is up to only One.


Vibrant Elightenment

‘Vibrant Enlightenment’ image courtesy of djderouen.wordpress.com

To shimmer with vibrancy, One must polish themselves. To bring forth the most beautiful aspects of something requires effort and thoughtful consideration. Doing this mindfully, One thinks not only of the personal reward they will experience for themselves, but will encounter brilliance three-fold when sharing how they shine with others. One must be vibrant in their endeavor towards enlightenment. Along the path, One will get smudged, feel dirty, or messed from the many obstacles and twisted, rough parts of the journey. Not to fret.

All One must do is dust off and remember the bends behind them for the ways they have learned to stay vibrant on the road to enlightenment, and simply say to One’s self,

“I’ve been there.”

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