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Commitment Transformation

“What are you committed to?”

A valuable question with an answer that can only be earned though the currency  of sacrifice and transformation.

It’s said that the important things in life don’t happen without a cost.  The cost of commitment to change is priceless. One bestows so much to stay truly and openly obligated to something bigger than themselves:

The cost of commitment is convenience.

The cost of commitment is complacency.

The cost of commitment is comfort.


Vow Completion

'Bloom Complete' photograph by Bernadette Ignacio

Start what you finish. Vow to this, and your actions will be far and above many others. Completion embodies into those who commit; discipline, substance, focus. Even if your vow is to complete the most mundane task, such as watering a plant. Should you consistently neglect this one simple act, that plant will die. Think of your life, as that plant, and your vow to complete your intentions as the water. Every time you deprive your plant–every time you desist in actions which mean something to you–you leave yourself weak and dry.


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