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G.O.D Promises

We all make promises to ourselves. In doing so, we make promises to  our G.O.D. (what author Julia Cameron calls Good Orderly Direction). This is so because our life is only made possible from of the light and love from the sun, the moon and the stars–all of which, are also made from the order and direction of The One.

Think of each breath as a promise to ourselves, and to our G.O.D., to fully live. If you held your breath, you would be breaking each promise. (more…)

Sisterhood Breath

For all the ways a sisterhood can be defined, above all else it is a connection. Women draw strength from this connection to help one another in a world that glorifies more masculine qualities–competition over cooperation, strength over softness, tendencies of neglect over nurture.  And sometimes, the neglect can make a woman feel as if she is…


Deep Breathe painting by Melanie Weidner

It’s the times when I’m drowning myself with tears
In the gathering of my fears
That I’m not going to be apart of your world
After all, no can share with an invisible girl

I feel as if a breath of air
Always needing it
Never wanting it
Neglecting that it’s always there

So why should I stay? Though, I so desperately don’t want to leave

And why should I still have hope? When you don’t give me much to believe

That day you feel short of breath
That day when you inhale the coldest air

Just know it’s because the one thing you need most, is that which you’ve made feel invisible

And is no longer there…

However, the collective voices of the goddess can be so strong, the whole world can feel a new wind. Like the very breath that keeps us alive, so too does the infinite source of love and care given by a global sisterhood. Just after anyone–in any place, at anytime–is born, the first thing that comes, is a breath. The second thing the comes is being placed in a woman’s arms. Let us all breathe deeply in appreciation for the sisters of our souls.

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