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Style Devotion

Photos courtesy of Wildsound Events

It’s important to have a very distinct style. Over time people develop character of their own, and the more organically one lets their character reveal itself, the more the external world responds to it.


Silence Challenge

'Silence Challenge' photo by Bernadette Ignacio

Silence has solace to offer. Confessions heard by no other ear are the most sincere. Living in an age where constant stimuli bombards our senses, it is a challenge to appreciate what substance there is to be found in quietude. But, when revered, silence offers the same sort of blessed energy as the warm summer sun.


Dovetail Nature

Learned, patient, and precise was the master craftsman who could cut an intricate dovetail joint from sturdy wood. With the change in seasons came the swelling and contraction of the once living tree. The craftsman understood that long after the bark was severed from its roots with the earth, it still breathed. (more…)

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