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Soul Rusticity

Country vs City Photograph by Jason Melcher

Seasons. Bread. Simple. Rain. Bake. Sunshine. Soil. These are the things of high value in a rural life. These things, when abundant, keep our soul alive and well.

Sarcasm. Boast. Sophisticated. Snide. Banter. Skyscraper. Street. These are the things of high value in a city life. These things, to keep abundant we consider our souls to sell.

There is no doubt that technology has has changed the standard of what the masses would call a good life. Fancy gadgets, convenience, and sleek design gleam in our eyes. We are distracted from the fulfilling, connected, the rooted. It would do us well to balance the almost magical mechanics we have discovered to benefit not just the people parading in city streets, but also those who laboriously pick our food on dirt paths.

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