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Heart Shout

'Screaming Toddler' Image courtesy of http://newstechnica.com

One can not only let their heart speak, One can let it shout. There are days when the slightest quip, spill of coffee, wrong order, or snide expression will set your whole inner being ablaze. A trigger, can be used as a microphone, and if One feels compelled to scream, One should. The trick is to be mindful that they are not transferring that fire to others around them in such a way that perpetuates the anger, to make sure the is Anger worthwhile.


Sweeping Attention

'Sweeping Attention' Image courtesy of Pixadus.com

Wind sweeps, swirls, picks up, puts down, and carries with it the silent, strong wishes of the hopeful. Soft bellows skim a dusty floor to uncover brilliance hiding under filth. Sweeping is a passing, a feeling, a whimsical invisible world in constant motion. It’s a reminder that the swift rise and fall of our emotions are like that of a whispering breeze.  All know the feel of gusts, none of us can hold on to it, and none of us see it coming.

Bring full attention to that which no hand can grasp. Do so, and  in a sweeping moment you will fly free to where ever the One blows.

Sisterhood Breath

For all the ways a sisterhood can be defined, above all else it is a connection. Women draw strength from this connection to help one another in a world that glorifies more masculine qualities–competition over cooperation, strength over softness, tendencies of neglect over nurture.  And sometimes, the neglect can make a woman feel as if she is…


Deep Breathe painting by Melanie Weidner

It’s the times when I’m drowning myself with tears
In the gathering of my fears
That I’m not going to be apart of your world
After all, no can share with an invisible girl

I feel as if a breath of air
Always needing it
Never wanting it
Neglecting that it’s always there

So why should I stay? Though, I so desperately don’t want to leave

And why should I still have hope? When you don’t give me much to believe

That day you feel short of breath
That day when you inhale the coldest air

Just know it’s because the one thing you need most, is that which you’ve made feel invisible

And is no longer there…

However, the collective voices of the goddess can be so strong, the whole world can feel a new wind. Like the very breath that keeps us alive, so too does the infinite source of love and care given by a global sisterhood. Just after anyone–in any place, at anytime–is born, the first thing that comes, is a breath. The second thing the comes is being placed in a woman’s arms. Let us all breathe deeply in appreciation for the sisters of our souls.

Eternal Clarifying

Storm Clearing photograph by Colin Cunningham

Love and light, are truly the only things that last forever. We are born from love, will live to meet the many faces of love, and when we die, we will return back into the folds of love from which we came. It is perennial as the green grass that follows the light of the sun. Though, once the darker seasons of doubt are upon us, the seemingly eternal sunshine shifts to shadier times, and we become engulfed in the materials that comfort us through our cloudy, self-made confusion.

Looking with your mind’s eye is only way we can see through this fog. It is an ongoing process to clarify the truth about our true eternal existence of pure love and light. For the physical world we live in only affords so many insights into our clear soul. Use patience, persistence and wisdom as an umbrella against the dark and foggy days. The storms of negativity, materialism, and fear will pass, and clarity will always come with the breaking of a new dawn on life’s horizon.

The One

To the great mother, father, sister, brother, child spirit within

I honor this day, the opportunity to live, laugh, learn, and love

I honor the blessing of a one world family with whom I have you to share and find universal truth

I honor the sun, the moon, the stars

I honor air, earth, water, fire, and ether from which we are all made

May I bring peace and harmony to all living and non-living things in this world and in others

I honor the space inside that is the same in all other beings

I honor the space inside that is of love, light, peace, and of truth

I honor the space inside in which the whole universe dwells

When I am in that space, and all others are in that space

We are a oneness


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