WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

About The⋅One

Beaches & Blank Books, two timeless inspirations in life- Photo taken by Bernadette Ignacio

wOrds•Of•the•One is an ode to the endless list of  sages who have shared their wisdom with me over the years. Day after day I have started mornings with a daily meditation, a One word mantra, a quote that resonated with me from sunrise to sundown.  So much inspiration has come through these wise words that I have no choice but to honor them, and give back what I have received.

Each post is a combination of  One word meditations that I am currently reading from two or more books on mindful daily living. They are a personal perception of what it means to live based on simple, beautiful and timeless concepts. The•One also refers to the shared soul of all things. The•One is spirit energy, a loving, creative force which resides in all of us, and shows itself when any organic expression of life is letting its true nature flow freely from it.

I truly hope you enjoy living, laughing, loving, and learning with me.


Bernadette L Ignacio*

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Earth, Sky, Eyes- Travels in the Andes Mountains, Peru. Photo taken by Bernadette Ignacio

Comments on: "About The⋅One" (3)

    • Thanks so much Bryce! I appreciate the time and support homie! Hopefully you enjoy more tid bits o wisdom in the future when you feel like snacking on some good words. Keep up the art, us humans need as much beauty and creativity that we can share and add to this crazy world!


  1. I am on a similar journey… so nice to have met you along the way.

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