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Returning Burn

Burning Man Photo accredited to Aaron Logan (http://www.lightmatterphotography.com/)

When removed from the confines of societal norms and expectations, it is magnificent what man does for the sake of just doing. On a dried lake bed far from many, for blip in time, an otherwise desolate terrain transforms into a sacred backdrop for one of the most  glorious, glittering, neon, painted, glowing, heart-stopping, mind-blowing man-made shows on Earth.

A creation made with the sole intention of sharing, results in ocular wonders and unbelievable experiences in such astonishing collective, that one alone simply cannot imagine what is possible.

Because, anything is possible…

And when anything  is possible in the name of creativity for community, you can cycle through three lifetimes, you can meet friends you knew in the dark ages who are also from the bright future, you can climb to the tip-top of a fifty foot Egyptian god at dawn and watch worlds wake up from his point of view.

You can burn down corporate evil along with everyone’s ego, there are infinite truths, and few lies told.

You can watch the old become young again, and the young age their souls, and you find lost brothers and sisters of other mothers and misters.

There, it’s perfectly acceptable to worship a robotic octopus spouting fire from its eight tentacles known as El Pulpo.

Its Christmas, your birthday, flag day, national nudist day, teacher appreciation day, and humpday from one sundown to the next moon rise. You can saddle into the teeter totter of death and live to tell the tale, you can joy ride on art cars of every shape, size, and animal all night long.

There are some people making love, and some hating themselves, there are people losing their head, and finding their fate.

There are passing sages befriending wizards and pirates of all ages.

There, mystics and artists are painting colors of the world’s wind before your eyes, while poets slam on everything except the brakes.

Rhymers, architects, designers, singers, bar tenders, yogis, drummers, fire spinners, fortune tellers, dub step dancers, hula hoopers and hippy kids run wild with their ideas just so others can go chasing after them.

You can be an MC, DJ, BFF, FB, Mr. Naughty, Mrs. Right, Ms. Wrong, or, Miss Nice.

You can fall into five evolutions of love, and have your heart shredded with the sound of one tent zipper.

You can be naked, covered in dust, its judgment free liberation. You can confide unadulterated trust, and explore the depths of each beating heart vibration.

When the purpose of a spirit becomes to burn his man and be itself, any and all things are possible…

Bernadette Ignacio © 2012

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  2. […] done so already dear reader, enjoy wOrds●Of ●the●One, and learn what it is to feel a Returning Burn. See you there next […]

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