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Consistent Courage

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There will be incidents and individuals who will test the courage we so wish to use. For example, someone will share a case of injustice. Often times we say, “If only I was there,” or ,”If it were me…” We go on an imaginary rampage in the shoes of the wronged, and profess a speech about all the ways they would have stood up for themselves, made a their point, and were brave.

And sometimes, it really is you.

So then what does One do?

Many act as the first, swallow their situation, lie low, vent, and then accept that the rut in their gut will pass. We convince ourselves that it’s not worth it, or become paralyzed by the perceived clash of confrontation.

Courage is not the beginning and ending of arguments. It is not imposed independence, or astute authoritarianism. It is not seeming high status or promoted position. And it is not the toppling of your opponents, or even recognized bravery from others.

Courage is acting with mindful consistency of One’s truthful virtue. It is having peace in face of pestilence. It is the wisdom that One’s decided course of action is in line with universal harmony. And courage, as they say, is contagious.

Bernadette Ignacio © 2012

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