WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Heart Start

Happy Sunday all you beautiful One readers out there. This is simply an open heart confession, apology, and free flow from my heart into digital space all in one. I haven’t been writing, correction, I haven’t been sharing. In the past few months, I lead my life into few but far directions which took my attention away from my keys and into the thicket of experience.

I made a two month pilgrimage to my motherland in the Philippines, from where my parents were born and brought up. Prior to that, I worked myself silly to save money for the epic adventure, and let my life passion of writing all about it, slip through the cracks of time. Despite the dormant status of this beloved blog, I want you to know that the One soul from which these words come has been blessed with days full of wisdom I couldn’t have gained anywhere else but from afar. How can I share words of the One world family/soul if I haven’t made a visit, talked some talk, and walked some walk? Travel is the color I use to paint the canvas of this writing life.

So, with a beautiful blank start, this is the first splash in many strokes of wisdom I will share. And since we are in the spirit of re-inspired beginnings, please click on the following link to read the original Words•of•the•One that got me started on this journey with you.

May life be smiling beautifully on your One soul.




Comments on: "Heart Start" (3)

  1. I like your blog and look forward to this increased activity 🙂

    • Your encouragement and enthusiasm is a great gift my writing friend. One that will set the tone for my happy sleep, and eager awakening for wisdom Wednesday 🙂

      • Haha excellent. Having already awoken I would say that my wednesday has thus far been just wet and windy. I await the wisdom with anticipation 🙂

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