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Honesty Obstacle

The biggest obstacle One has towards being honest, is the obstacle of being honest with one’s self.  Honesty takes guts, requires  bravery, imposes patience. But if One just gets out of their own way, the once thought mountain becomes minute, the block becomes a beautiful backdrop in the big picture of life.

We can all agree that honesty is often uncomfortable. But we can also take comfort in honesty being a source of connection. Because when we share something so deep-rooted in our soul, it’s a close link from One heart to another.  And because many of us have been so sadly disconnected and distracted for so long, we are fearful of that intimate space. Though it is through that confession, through that expression of honesty, we can shed light on a shared experience.

We try to protect ourselves by not being honest with others. But as soon as One understands that the obstacle they have to overcome is not something to conquer outside ourselves, but in, that battle belittles itself.

Though we make small triumphs on the outside, the honest war to be won is within.


Comments on: "Honesty Obstacle" (1)

  1. Sam Wise said:

    I love this article ! Story of my life 🙂 hope your journey is going well xoxo

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