WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Fresh Lens

'The Elbow Everglow of Las Posas' photo taken by Bernadette Ignacio

Each day, most of us pass through the same streets guided by our inner autopilot. Over trust in where we’re going and how to get there dulls our senses, and the scene around us. We become indifferent to the small wonders that lie in each predictable step or ride through reminiscent routes.

Without awareness, this conditioned conversance can cause One to lose their sensitivity to the infinite sources of inspiration within their immediate and familiar surroundings. Shameful is the case, because this subliminal disenchantment kills our creativity.

Let us keep our mind and eyes open with a fresh lens, and see, truly see miracles in the minutiae, magic in our seemingly mundane moments, and blessings in the day by day.

*A Note to The•One Reader*

My growing interest in photography sparked an unsuspecting adventure down the suburban streets on which I grew up. Armed with my brothers basic DSLR camera and an anticipating eye, I wandered through the crisp evening air to a nearby neighborhood park. Under a luscious Autumn sunset of swirling pastels I delighted in the approaching dusk. Above and below are the experimental night photos I took that inspired today’s post. I hope dear reader, that you find some enchantment in your everyday way.



An Subtle Streak of Red through Suburbs

Nancy Bush's Outhouse by Night

One Cross I Cried to when I was 15

One Clear Answer I Could Not Understand when I was 15

The Old Trailer that Lives Next to My Old Grandmother


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