WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Impermanent Relationship

There are people, places, packs of snacks or pre bedtime prep rituals we get into a relationship with. Our actions turn to habits. Humans, are relentless creatures of habit–without which we start to believe we’d fall into a funk, or have an “off day”. Though the systematic standards of our habits give structure to our lives, our routines begin to dictate our days. We start to believe that repetition restarts each morning we rise, and ends them with each night that falls. But, ironically the inherent impermanence of all actions calls for us to drone through what we do again and again for it all to feel real.

One can learn nothing new from eating the same meals, watching re-runs, or driving down the same streets on autopilot.

If we choose to truly understand the impermanence of our relationship to the material world, we will have days filled with rare experience instead routine, and discover daily opportunities to remake our lives anew at any moment.


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