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Harmony Threshold

‘Humble Warrior Pose’ Image courtesy of fearsomesymmetry.tumblr.com

One must constantly be balancing many things in life to maintain peace and harmony. Yet, most are still learning the graceful dance between discord and dignity. Even if we stumble, we can only learn by carrying on step by step.

We all have a threshold in which we can upkeep harmony. Though in seeming sudden misfortune, life can throw One past that threshold. We scramble, flounder indifferently, or simply go numb in order to avoid feelings of  fear in this state of losing control.

Instead of making habit out of hiding from this moment, One must be brave enough to simply acknowledge One’s own boundaries. We are blessed with a choice to see the meeting of this threshold as an opportunity to break past our personal glass ceiling, and rise above what oppresses us from peace.

One must understand to have happiness in harmony, we must also have humility in heroism.


Comments on: "Harmony Threshold" (2)

  1. Love it B! Thanks for this inspiration… I will be pondering XXX MISS UXXXX

    • Thanks love bugger boo! You’re encouragement lead to the post that followed…if not for myself and the rest of my beautiful readers, then for you D!

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