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Writhing Writing

'Love Writing' image courtesy of dennylyon.hubpages.com

It only takes One element, One detail, One angle, One action to change everything. Likewise, life completely morphs minus One person, One place, One purpose. In everyone’s life blood there is an essential element which needs to stay flowing and present each day to power One’s personal practice of a meaningful existence.

If I’m not writing, I’m writhing. Writhing in the absence of the very essence of which I was blessed, to not only help me think–but pray, love, laugh, and learn. When I’m not writing, sharing, showing love to my own soul that comes out in the expression of words, I slowly die faster; each breath cut shorter with each wordless, write-less day.

Though I know words are my conduit through which I can live life best, I also know that words, unless used concisely, hold the capacity to further confuse and complicate, rather that clear up matters. But, My fingers feel the need to bounce and play upon keys, ride the smooth wave of ink, and grip graphite wrapped in wood as if they would wither without each other…and they would.

Without it, what makes you writhe?


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  1. Wow. That was incredible.

  2. […] past few months by withholding these pages for our potential future sages. I wrote once that when I am not writing, I am writhing. This has been true in my very bones and blood every time I thought about my inaction towards my […]

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