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Thought Purge

'Brain Drain' Image courtesy of copyblogger.com

Have you ever noticed what happens to someOne right after they get something off their chest? Or how about when they vent about how they really feel? It’s the same thing that happens when One can openly let go of what’s been on their mind, they simply feel more free.

In a western world where sensitivity is for the weak, and expression of feeling is thought to be whiny, we often pent up such thoughts with  the belief that once forgot or swept under the mental rug, that thing, that feeling–dissipates into nothing. This, just isn’t so.

A thought conceived, no matter how seemingly benign is the start or finish of  an action, emotion, or reaction. We continue to store, harbor, and let fester what we think  is random inner banter, meaningless jibber jabber, and mindless mutterings. What One tends to overlook is that in one way or another we eventually believe inner banter, and have it with someOne else. We speak meaningless jibber jabber, and waste our breath. We rethink mindless mutterings, further cluttering our precious memory banks with cerebral garbage.

It’s at this point we need to purge these useless utterances. Should One do so, they make more room for greater meaning to grow, and clear space for new experiences to be stored.

At the start of this day, give yourself a chance to purge pestilent thoughts through writing, walking, or anything in which you can pour all the pointless-ness into, and leave be. To acknowledge and let pass is very different than impudent ideas ignored. Notice the difference as your day moves on. Feel the freeness and focus once the load of  intellectual litter has been lightened.


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