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Infinite Relatives

'World Traveler' Image courtesy of http://eprohomes.info/Travel.aspx

Where would One go if they believed that where ever they went, they would have a family to care for them there? What would One do if they understood that their actions were needed, and were for the benefit of many? How would One love, if they knew their love would be infinitely reciprocated? These questions can be answered through observing the lives of those who have dedicated their selves to the belief of a One world family.

We have all been born into a family, from a mother who nurtured our little bodies into the beings that we are today. Even in the situation of someOne whose biological bonds have little meaning, they are gifted with choice–choice to make family with those who have nurtured their spirits. Though we have all learned in different ways, we all have been blessed with the ability to give and take care of those around us as if they were our family. We are a human family, with plant and animal relatives. It would do One and all well to understand that each One of us is imperative to the well-being of each other on the planet we all call home, Earth.

Walk far and wide with the comfort believing that where ever you go, a family will take care of you, just find them. Do extraordinary things, understanding that your beautiful and skillful talents will help and inspire many, just practice. Give love, all your love, knowing that what you give from your heart will come back with infinite force without limit.


Comments on: "Infinite Relatives" (2)

  1. Love it. After you guys all left on Sunday, I cried my eyes out while beginning the telling of my tale for the weekend. A big part of what I got out of the whole experience relates to this; we are all petals on One infinite lotus blossom. Each one of us necessary for the bloom to be perfect and complete. Thinking like this, I can see that each person is who they must be, at this moment, to play their part. I can love them for their contribution to the perfect, the complete, even when their actions or motives don’t align with mine, because I know they are necessary. This said, the reason for the tears on Sunday – I, too, am necessary, and beautiful; I have had a real hard time with being able to accept that.

    • JB, I’ve learned that despite all our self conceived faults, acceptance is the 1st step to an heightened state of overall happiness. You are blessed, necessary, and beautiful beyond your current ability to fully recognize. It’s souls like you that help me understand what the affect can be on each other as long as we are open to sharing or genuine true selves, which is pure love. Heart you mega time homie, and no doubt when I’m a wrinkled, rambling 99 year old going onto infinity , there will be a story told to my grandchildren of John Apt, and the amazing time we shared. You will be necessary to them, believe and accept that.


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