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Chemical Cool

It can be argued that our whole existence is based on chemical reactions.  Scientific study revolves around how One substance, person, or bacteria, affects another–and, the result of that interaction. We all have conducted our own personal experiment, though in the moment we don’t call it science. We call it love at first sight, sick as a dog, or cool as a cucumber.

'Magic Forest' image courtesy of Silva Arcanas

For thousands of years humans have been chemically curious about the changes that happen in other beings such plants and minerals. So curious that One long, age-old day ago, we tested our mortality as  human being with plant being. Our wisest, most respected ancestors risked their very lives to understand something beyond themselves. What they found was of great reward, they called it magic.

Through nature, they came into the light of what it was to be a leaf soaking in the sun collecting energy. They felt the mighty strength of a seed bursting through a mountain of soil to bloom food for us to eat. They breathed like the wind, pumping life into every cell of everything. Because the brave ancients used these natural elements to deeply understand the micro miracles that go unseen to the naked eye, they protected the world’s magic with care, caution, kindness and respect towards the earth and air which offered an insight into the beautiful invisible worlds all around us.

Unfortunately, most of us have lost the perspective of higher consciousness in this sacred science. It’s not an experiment its an offense. It’s not magic its mental. It’s not wise and respected, its abuse and artificial.

We must culture back into life our careful, considerate, innocent curiosity. Chemicals aside, the world has lost most of its magic, and the have disregarded these micro miracles as common knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom are not the same. Let us be in love at first sight, but with the flowers that make our world more beautiful. Let us be sick as a dog, but over the mass murder of our world’s ancient forests. Let us be cool as a cucumber, but by keeping the breeze of our life giving air clean.

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