WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Heart Shout

'Screaming Toddler' Image courtesy of http://newstechnica.com

One can not only let their heart speak, One can let it shout. There are days when the slightest quip, spill of coffee, wrong order, or snide expression will set your whole inner being ablaze. A trigger, can be used as a microphone, and if One feels compelled to scream, One should. The trick is to be mindful that they are not transferring that fire to others around them in such a way that perpetuates the anger, to make sure the is Anger worthwhile.

One might find that to let that explosive emotion rise and flow through their heart, then through their throats and given into the sky is much better than swallowing the fire to let it slowly simmer in their deep, dark shadows until one day, the shout no longer comes from the heart but rather the dark bowls of their fears. It would do One good to allow themselves that chance to be honest and scream from the heart. Feel it, and let it go. Let it dissipate into the air and dissolve with all the past worries, and in the future, One will find more golden silent days.


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