WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Lands Collide

'Two Worlds Collide' image courtesy of http://www.hdiphonewallpaper.com

Undoubtedly there will be moments in life when One force meets another. On an any and every level, it feels like worlds are crashing together. They are. Each One of us holds the enormity of a universe within ourselves.

Our beliefs, our culture, our family history, concepts of love and hate are continents that give our personal planets shape and form. Our experiences, a sea through which our mass moves, morphs and shifts. Our breath, the very life essence that everything inhales and exhales.

A novel becomes an earthquake, shaking the bedrock of what we know. A divorce, is a landslide leaving us lopsided and depressed in the rift. A first kiss in a foreign country  blazes like a shooting star across our sky that lights up eyes closed for only a split second, then burns out with the stamp of a passport. A phone call can be a heavy down pour, or pleasant sprinkle of conversation. A baby, a big bang. Thoughts are clouds coming and going, changing our condition without warning.

How the weather fares inside someone else is only possible to know if you walk through their world, sail their seas, wonder at their monuments and mourn their natural disasters. Scientists have confirmed an infinite number of universes exist in the vast expanse of space. Yet, you need only to look, really look,  in another’s eyes  to understand this as truth.


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