WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Writer Attention

'Letter Writing' image courtesy of http://wondershop.blogspot.com/

Writing is an act of attentive love for a consciousness of words that make our world real. Writers are those who have no choice but to share. They preserve the occurrences that would have been other wise forgotten with the passing winds. Writers document heartbeats, and heart-breaks. They draft dreams, creating images from the movie reeling in a theatre watched with eyes closed into a film that would never have been seen should they have never woken up to write.

Writers see the an ancient California within the seed of a Redwood, and grow it in the imagination of those in Rapa Nui. Writers breathe life back into civilizations lost, and give names to ancestors we can now only speak to through pen and paper. Writers gift us with the soundtrack to the rest of our lives through music that played only in their own heads and hearts.

The attention of a writer, is the attention of an observer of the miracles in life most people might not notice. The attention of a writer is a gift from the One who wishes not only The Writer to truly see, but all those with whom the The Writer is willing to share that gift.


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