WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Vibrant Elightenment

‘Vibrant Enlightenment’ image courtesy of djderouen.wordpress.com

To shimmer with vibrancy, One must polish themselves. To bring forth the most beautiful aspects of something requires effort and thoughtful consideration. Doing this mindfully, One thinks not only of the personal reward they will experience for themselves, but will encounter brilliance three-fold when sharing how they shine with others. One must be vibrant in their endeavor towards enlightenment. Along the path, One will get smudged, feel dirty, or messed from the many obstacles and twisted, rough parts of the journey. Not to fret.

All One must do is dust off and remember the bends behind them for the ways they have learned to stay vibrant on the road to enlightenment, and simply say to One’s self,

“I’ve been there.”


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