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Longing Kindness

'Reaching' Image courtesy of Matteo Pontonutti

There is a deep longing within people of the world today. Some misinterpret this yearning and believe the newest model car, climbing the corporate ladder, getting the most glitzy gadget, or online dating will fulfill the void. We stretch out our arms, and work our bodies to the bone for these things in hopes that the vortex within will subside after the credit card slip is signed.

The depth and true meaning behind this longing has been lost to many, if not most.

We do not long for more material to make trash with, rather meaning to make morality with. We do not long for more dense reality TV to make judgement with, rather better quality content to inspire character with.

In order to understand the empty hunger that so many try fill with false substance, we must understand not how feed our greed for material things and shallow relationships, but rather how to feed the spirit, and nourish the soul. Instead of silver spoon feeding ourselves with the latest, greatest, and most shiny, we’d be better off cultivating care, compassion, and kindness. Only then can our longing for love of One be quenched.


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  1. Ironically, even people incapable of extending kindness long for kindness. I feel amazed, every time, when I pause and ask, ‘hey… are you okay?’ And I wait, and look at the person, to learn the answer.

    Once, when I was downtown and this happened, the woman I asked yelled, ‘no!’ but she kept talking… and walked half the distance home with me, talking all the way… and then she got on the bus and I never saw her again. But she told me to have a good day.

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