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Erotic Power

‘Erotic Power’ photograph courtesy of realisingrights.com

The combination will writhe and warm One’s heart in the same split second. After One sip, One might find themselves spilling the ink of that sip on the pages of sacred love letters filled with feelings so strong, they fear sending it to their beloved. It juices up her hips to dance swirls around him. It inspires sparks in his eyes to enchant her with. It makes breath taste good, words feel forever, sounds smell like wildflowers and smiles erupt with the slightest touch.

Erotic + Power

One must understand that erotic power is One of the most potent and persistent elements of our human make up. Our primal bodies and minds are programmed to suffice this incredibly strong sultry force. If One is not conscious of their undercover animalistic urge to quench this primitive thirst, they can be completely consumed in this basal fire. However, let us not be deterred by this to pursue passion. Ignition of this fire holds the potential to blaze a beautiful and blessed  paradise that can be found in our act of pure, primordial love.

It is pleasure. It is prayer. It is pain. It is perfection. It is when I end and you begin.

Making love is our souls stirring together, blending our bodies in the sacred space of One.


Comments on: "Erotic Power" (1)

  1. For many years, I thought erotic power was outside the realm of Oneness. I thought it dirty, abusive, a form of entrapment… and something I knew nothing about. I learned this through my religious culture, and from personal experiences which seemed to validate the dark road of Erotic Power.

    I feel very differently, now. It seems that we must learn to properly wield power in all its many forms, suspending preconceived notions of good and evil. It’s very difficult, sometimes, to consider this idea. Somehow, though, I learned that fire can be directed… and experienced… without the unleashing of an apocalypse. To me, it seems as if the intent informs the way we experience wielding power of any kind.

    Best wishes to you, Bernadette.


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