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Wholehearted Freedom

'Wholehearted Freedom' image courtesy of KJ Pargeter

Have you ever found yourself walking and talking with One you’ve never met before and sharing your purpose and dreams? Have you ever set someOne’s soul on fire, then walked away so they could fully absorb the warmth of their own inner blaze? Have you ever howled at a crescent moon and left others wondering why? Have you ever laughed so hard that your smile muscles were extremely sore the next day? Have you ever conspired with a child in helping her become a warrior ninja mermaid princess? Have you ever lost your self in the music, and found yourself in a morning mug of tea?

Yes? Then you have been wholeheartedly free.

Wholehearted freedom is not to gain a favorable outcome or be granted  a long awaited wish. To be purely free is to lose fear, forced folly, and false judgement. Understand that freedom born and felt from the heart is the most powerful, playful, and plentiful of all.

One should not seek freedom from outside, but rather within.

To truly be set free, pick your heart’s lock, and throw away the key.


Comments on: "Wholehearted Freedom" (2)

  1. Love u long time!!! So excited about seeing u again !!! Love this site, sweet and simple!
    Sending u hugs and blessings, much love XXX

  2. bartfirch said:

    To quote Mason Proper, “take that lock and key and shove it!” I love this, I howled at the moon last night and I swear it wasn’t even visible until I did it. Each night since Wanderlust I’ve engaged in an evening practice of moon salutations and meditation. I think you’ll understand why I orient myself due South.
    You’re beautiful words will fuel my training today ten miles to go, 400 in my thoughts.
    All my loving,


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