WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Stolen Peace

'Shame' painting by Carla Navoa

Some will steal in desperation, some will steal with greed.

Some for a shallow thrill, and some will steal to feed.

But when one steals something from another, they gain possession, and lose peace.

They steal to gain pathetic pride, and lose patience. They hold the material as some kind of trophy for cleverness and a cunning feat, when all they have won is the prize for pettiness and cheat.



And for those who have been stolen from, accept the feelings of anger, distrust, and sadness–then let them go. The material worth of what was wrongly taken from you will never match the worth of a strong mind that feels sorrow for the sad soul who took from you. When the boiling of blood from injustice rises to your heart and head, remember to come back to the breath. Breath in healing, breath out the hurt. Breathe in compassion, breathe out confusion. Breathe out sorrow, breath in strength.

One can steal from you, and their collection of deceit and shame will increase. One can steal from you, but never let them steal your peace.


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