WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

“What are you committed to?”

A valuable question with an answer that can only be earned though the currency  of sacrifice and transformation.

It’s said that the important things in life don’t happen without a cost.  The cost of commitment to change is priceless. One bestows so much to stay truly and openly obligated to something bigger than themselves:

The cost of commitment is convenience.

The cost of commitment is complacency.

The cost of commitment is comfort.

Though there are no numbers attached, commitment can be marked by the mornings your rise before the sun to run through the mist of dawn. The cost of commitment can be paid with fist-fulls of journal paper, drops of hot tears, fresh sweat, and sometimes blood. At its greatest expense, commitment has the ticket price of a broken heart or splintered spirit. But what one pays for, they receive back in quality. The investor is ensured quality in character, strength, trust and relationships.

Pay with commitment to transform the quality of your life, and you will earn abundant richness of insurmountable measure.

Give Equals Receive Squared courtesy of Wiki Wiseman


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